Sunday, December 28, 2008


1. Kelly
2. Koki
3. Emma- She was in the same class as me.... Yeah but we never talked. We kind of knew each other so yeah. Emma was Crystal's best buddeh and then they said how much I looked like this girl named Jasmine. Uh also, Emma was doing this drawing thing and then I drew pretty good and she was like, "Teach me how to draw!"
4. Merin
5. Yane
6. Ayumi
7. Colleen
8. Audrey
9. Joanne
10. Gina
11. Sydney
12. Alex
13. Tricia

What would you do if 6 and 2 were going out?
OOOHHHHHEMMGEEEE. Ayumi's going out with an Asian???? SHE'S NOT EVEN INERESTED IN THEM.O[]O -freak out-
How long have you known number 8?
1.5 years.C:
What do you think of number 7?
She's cool and unique.C:
What would you do if 4 confessed they loved you?
Run. Run so far away. Make sure she's joking.
A fact about 9?
She and Audrey are good friends.:D
Who is 2 going out with?
No one.o.o
Speaking of going out, who is 3 going out with?
HAHA, HAHAHAHAHA. EMMA? x] Daniel Taylor. jkjk
What's 6 up to?
Uh, becoming a very very famous actress?O.O
What does 5 do for a living?
She's too young.>:O Otherwise, make comics and I dunno. AUTHOR? Yeah, that sounds right.
Would you live with 8?
I dunno.
Where does 7 live?
Somewhere near Sedgewick.o_O
What don't you like about number 1?
She overreacts in fights, she thinks she's always right, she's continues on and on for fights. She thinks me as a certain type of perosn. She insults me and apparently I can't do the same to her.
What would you do if 3 and 13 were going out?
Um, they don't know each other. But then I would freak out and ask if they were joking too.
Ever gone somewhere with 10?
I dunno, but this might count: Yane and I were at Barnes&Noble and we were spying on people. Then Gina came out of nowhere and then yeah we started spying altogether.
What's the best memory you have with 5?
HEH. HEHEH. Probably lot'sa stuff. Maybe maybe maybe at Great America? Nononono, making Rachel.C: YEAH.
Have you ever come close to marrying one of the 13?
NO. I'm very young. Nor am I a bisexual. Or something..
Would you ever hook up with number 11?
Have you stayed the night at number 5's?
What's the craziest moment with 2?
I dunno.....o_O
Are you related to any of the 13?
How did you meet 9?
I dunno.:D She just popped out at school.
What would happen if 1 and 10 were stuck in the same room?
They'd be like okay... and maybe start making jokes.
Who is 11's best friend?
ME. C:
Who do you like the most?
owo; -morphs 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, together- -points- That mutant.
What would you do if 2 and 3 announced their marrage tomorrow?
Ask how do they know each other and why are they getting married.
What do you like about 10?
Could you live with 1?
Hmm. For like one day and then I dunno. We'd probably fight from then on.xD So yeah. We can't speak with each other for tooo longg or else yeah. So we'd probably need to isolate each other from ourselves.
Who does 12 like?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Never Updating.

I know recently I haven't been updating my blog, so I'm going to make my blog just like Hana's, not that bad. So yeah...
:DDD Tributes to Hana~ Er, credits~ <----The most randomest/weird phrase I probably ever said... 1 period- Soo...My friend and I were done with what we were supposed to do, find out our typing speeddd. And then we went on neopets, because the sixth grader girl liked it so much.xD So I zapped Emma's pet.>:[ I FINALLY GOT IT TO SOMETHING, NOW I GET TO ABANDON IT AS A
And then, we went onto the scratchcard area, at least my friend and I, this eighth grader girl who doesn't play Neopets anymore, like me, and we were just wasting out money on them.xD I won 5000 np! So yeah, then I wasted it on two more.. My luck today was good, but not tooo good.:[
3 period- I ran the crosscountry, and I finished first.:D Woot, my foot is better from recovering from the freaking painfulpainful Ayumi crash thingy. D: We did skills testing, apprently, we're very good at the first one, and the kicks since I'm so aweshumly good at it.:D And thennn, and thenn, we worked on our scenarios. Yeah, you can say that Kelly and I's scenario sucks.:) It deals with a kidnapper/child pick-uper person. I dunno really. Then we changed it, but this time, there's really no point to the story.
5 period- We had a math test....:[ Quiz, whatever. I did really good on it for sure, since it was so freaking easy.xD And then we were playing Mash the whole time after when we should've been doing our classword. We fake a lot and never get caught and get penalty since we sit o'so far away from his desk.xD He was also paying attention on the pumpkin-looking seeds he was eating...they were white.-ew- Believe me, he's done worse like cutting his toenails during class. It was like, CLICK, CLICK, every second. Yeah. We got good Mash.:P
Ayumi's was like:
Husband: "Steve"
Job: Model (LOL)
Salary: $1,000,000;; one million for those who are too lazy make their brain function.>:[
Kids: Two!!!:DDDD She's gonna have two kids! Wait no, it was three.
Wedding: Hawaii
Honeymoon: Mt. Fuji
Wedding Dress Color: White [Same as Kelly's ;<] Car: Mercedes B. Home type: Apartment - Oh well, she'll never be home.;<>

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So I went to watch Twilight.
Twilight with Ayumi.
Honestly, it wasn't that great. I wanted something more exciting, not that there wasn't at least one scene exciting, but like yeah.
We debated on what to watch, we did some weird things to see who wins and stuff like that.

There were some funny stuff with Twilight though, just not much.
Sooo yeahh.
-____- Sick off popcorn.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Madagascar 2

I want to see Madagascar 2.
But no one wants to see Madagascar 2 with me.D:


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fake Asian.

Sooo, you know those Japanese/Chinese/Korean girls with obnoxiously big eyes and really pretttyyy?
If you look closely, you see a lot of make up and all right?
They're a fake!:D It's all the make up!
Sooo, it makes them look MORE ASIAN and more of an ANIME person soo yeahh..
I kind of want to do it on Emma.
Makes her look more Eurasian.
She looks White.
That's all for today, byebye.:]

Okay maybe MAYBE new post later this evening?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I, personally IS NOT emo. Will not and never will be.;]]
There's something that's really bugging me though, eyeliner and mascara.
I personally like blackish eyes, like making the white's of the eyes standing out...D:
So obviously, I would enjoy seeing that on people's eyes, but it doesn't look good on Asians, only certain Asians with certain type of longish eyes.:D
Emma and I are planning to attack Merin with eyeliner, mascara, and scene-makeup related stuff.
AND WHEN SHE'S SLEEPING, give her a razor haircut.;]]
But we're gonna use scissors.

And I really want moonlight contacts.:D It's like silver, blue, white, purple, well maybe not purple, but somewhat....So yeah, I love it~ :D
Oh wait, was it gray storm? Gray storm is awesome, it's gray, blue, silver, purple, the colors I loveee~ :]]]

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Fascinating Saturday.

Well, everything started out well in art class.
It was fun watching this guy trying to make his cube perfect.
We even were like, "And someone THREE years younger can draw that! :D"
-The girl who was three years younger was in 6th grade [[Coff coff teachers pet >>;]]

But when he ALMOST had it perfect, he was like, "Lao Shi [[Teacher in Mandarin]], is this okay now?"
"Hmm...I guess so...."
"It's still a big crooked over there."

That was his FIFTH attempt. I guess he got it on his 6th attempt though.:P

Friday, November 14, 2008


School school school. I hate it.>>; Half of my life has been in school. And guess what, people suppose the rapture is one year AFTER ME GRADUATING!
So I'm wondering, should I STOP trying or keep trying?
I dunno. But I definitely don't want to be one of those idiots.
Giovanni and Jordan were searching up wrong stuff during class today!D:<
Or at least Jordan did.
It all started with, "I wonder how spiders mate..."
Then my group ( and Giovanni) were like o________O".
Then Jordan looked it up on the laptops.
He typed in wrong stuff.D:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Field Trip.

Field trip field trip field trip~
:D We're going to the Tech Museum! And we get to be in hand-picked groups!C:
BUT BUT BUT, I get to miss LANGUAGE ARTS, MATH, PE, omg and MATH and MATH!:D
But we're supposed to get back at 2 pm soo....:<
But fiellddd trip.;]

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Day At The Dentist...

This is a story that is fiction.C: I mean, I'm not that crazy.;]

Dentist: Hmm...There seems to be some cavities... 
You: Uh.....
Dentist: Have you been brushing? The bad bugs are there. week!
You: Okay...
You thinking: *BEEP*x203

Next Week..
Dentist: Okay, we're gonna put some medicine there...there's gonna be four shots.
Dentist: Its okay, don't worry! It'll just feel like a LITTLE TINSY PINCH!
You: -sighs- That's a relief!:D
Dentist: -injects needle-
Dentist: Just a feewww more seconds!:D Trust me, it'll be over in no time!:D
-ejects needle-
Dentist: Okay, we'll rest a minute. Three more to go.
You: ;_;
Dentist: -injects the next three needles-
You: Do the same thing.

After the injections and ejections...
Dentist: Okay! Time for the drilling!

Did you notice that dentists speak in a code language? They go, "Assistant, hand me X234 prepare root 351!" Then you just HAVE to know what's going to happen to you.

You: Omg, what are you gonna do?!?
Dentist: We're just gonna....
You: NOOOOOo!!!
Dentist: -injects-
You: OMG! 
Dentist: Good girl!:D
You: Agh..

-continues on with the process-

Dentist: Assistant, hand me A452!
Asst. Dentist: Okay!
Dentist: Screw this thing for me..
Asst. Dentist: Sure thing!
You: oww...owww..
You: ....

-continues on with the process-

Dentist: You're doing JUST great, just 15 more minutes to go!:D
You: Aghh..
Dentist: Oh yeah, you can see the bad bugs go away! Can't you? Eh?
Asst. Dentist: YEAH! Its washing away!
-asst. dentist and dentist keeps chit chatting about the weirdest things (ie.

Fifteen Minutes Later...
Dentist: WELL! We're done!
You: Thank GOD.
Dentist: You did very well! See that wasn't that bad right?
You: -mutters- Uh-huh right.
Dentist: Your next checkup will be next month to see how you're doing! Have a nice day!

You: -groans- 


Here are some credits so I don't plagiarize.:]
Picture at top:
Quote Under Heading:
My Picture:

Their work is so beautiful!;W;

Adrenaline Rush.

I'm in fact very proud of myself today.
Today we ran a cross country and you know what, I was far ahead!!! -well its always like this but this time it was unbelievable- 
I guess it's cause of the stupid break.;<
Oh yeah, and I found out my hamster is scared of honeydew. 
I started chewing it in from of him and he was came towards me cautiously.
ALSO, when I gave him a little piece, he attacked it so much and didn't eat it.
Therefore my conclusion is that he's scared of it.:D

Today was a horrible day; enough to make me not tell you how it was.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm gonna tell you all about my four-day weekend procrastination!:D
AND PRIOR to that, a lesson I've learned.;]

So it began on Friday night, when I first though, 'Maybe I should do my homework so I don't have to do it on my awesome four-day weekend!;]]'
But then I came up with this, 'NAH! I ALWAYS do that.;oo I can't do that in this probably-once-in-a-life-chance. All I have to do is:
  1. The science homework with drawings of molecules and coloring it, oh yeah, and getting the color code from friends.
  2. The 5 vocab flashcards, reading response with the question and the prediction and support, the first paragraph of my response to lit. essay, and the reading record I didn't even bother filling out with the bookmark!:D
  3. The social studies question I can get from my friends and the timeline and the geography challenge!:D
  4. Study for math test.'
Oh how regretful I am.:]
The only ones I finished was 1, without the coloring and I haven't gotten water's color code; reading response crap with the reading record and bookmark; studying for math test, and last but not least, the social studies questions....:]
My lesson: Never ever procrastinate with a lot of homework on four-day weekends.

So iunno what should I do, get help from friends?D:

How I was Forced.

I was forced to this, but I kind of wanted to do this. Instead of writing in my journals everyday and pausing every minute for the pain to go away, I decided to make this my journal of everyday. C:

Now, why did I name this?;o
Ho ho hum. I think it's because I had the most best memories in the rain.;) That's one reason I love the rain.
Also, raindrops does sound cool in a way... at least in my opinion.
PRIOR to that, it's also very pretty.;oo It's pretty everywhere.
Not only that, you can always feel the cold breeze in rain, hear the rain falling onto your umbrella, yesh.;)
The only time I hate the rain is in the summer. It makes the asphalt smell.>:[

Oh yes and credits too the Deviant users for the awesome pictures of rain.;o