Friday, July 17, 2009

Everything happens in a flash

Yes, in fact, everything DOES happen in a flash.
Suddenly it's school drama, catching up with grades, and then what, summer?

But summer is supposed to be fun, right?
Everything went wrong for me in the beginning. I guess that's what happens as soon as a girl enters her teen years.

School drama can be one of the worst case scenario(hoho, I felt like using stuff I don't fully understand), but death hits hard.
It's so unexpected.

My summary from feb. - july. is basically school drama, and a bit ups and downs. To be honest, it was like one of those haunted house rides at the boardwalk.
It's scary, you keep wishing for a way out.


Monday, February 2, 2009


Wendy-ish back naos.:]     
I've been a great retard then thinking about ditching blogspot.
I'm engaged.

JKJK wellll, I dunno really.:]
I'm enjoying my life I guess? Yes I am. 
ONE DAY, I WILL HAVE A DAUGHTER (adoption) NAMED RAINY LINA [insert new last name].
:D I like Swedish names but when I get obsessed, it'll be bizarre. So, I just chose Rainy.
I thought about Lina as the name, but you know, Tina-Lina, ;] No. 
I hate the name Tina, it's so..TINA...agh. -no offense to poor Tina, btw, my name sucks too :]
BUT RAINNYYY is awesome. Rainnyyy~ ANDD its not the masculine form.O: Rain Lina [insert new last name] is kind of weird...o.o Kind of sounds you know... like I dunno. BUT IF SHE HATES HER NAME, she can always make it Rain...D: RIGHT?

-no comment-

Okay, thats it for today people.c: byebye~