Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I, personally IS NOT emo. Will not and never will be.;]]
There's something that's really bugging me though, eyeliner and mascara.
I personally like blackish eyes, like making the white's of the eyes standing out...D:
So obviously, I would enjoy seeing that on people's eyes, but it doesn't look good on Asians, only certain Asians with certain type of longish eyes.:D
Emma and I are planning to attack Merin with eyeliner, mascara, and scene-makeup related stuff.
AND WHEN SHE'S SLEEPING, give her a razor haircut.;]]
But we're gonna use scissors.

And I really want moonlight contacts.:D It's like silver, blue, white, purple, well maybe not purple, but somewhat....So yeah, I love it~ :D
Oh wait, was it gray storm? Gray storm is awesome, it's gray, blue, silver, purple, the colors I loveee~ :]]]


Anonymous said...

oh wow....^^;;

Michelle♫ said...

Yes I do in fact want to do it!D:<