Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How I was Forced.

I was forced to this, but I kind of wanted to do this. Instead of writing in my journals everyday and pausing every minute for the pain to go away, I decided to make this my journal of everyday. C:

Now, why did I name this?;o
Ho ho hum. I think it's because I had the most best memories in the rain.;) That's one reason I love the rain.
Also, raindrops does sound cool in a way... at least in my opinion.
PRIOR to that, it's also very pretty.;oo It's pretty everywhere.
Not only that, you can always feel the cold breeze in rain, hear the rain falling onto your umbrella, yesh.;)
The only time I hate the rain is in the summer. It makes the asphalt smell.>:[

Oh yes and credits too the Deviant users for the awesome pictures of rain.;o

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Kuroi Hime said...

hehe. You were forced. :)