Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm gonna tell you all about my four-day weekend procrastination!:D
AND PRIOR to that, a lesson I've learned.;]

So it began on Friday night, when I first though, 'Maybe I should do my homework so I don't have to do it on my awesome four-day weekend!;]]'
But then I came up with this, 'NAH! I ALWAYS do that.;oo I can't do that in this probably-once-in-a-life-chance. All I have to do is:
  1. The science homework with drawings of molecules and coloring it, oh yeah, and getting the color code from friends.
  2. The 5 vocab flashcards, reading response with the question and the prediction and support, the first paragraph of my response to lit. essay, and the reading record I didn't even bother filling out with the bookmark!:D
  3. The social studies question I can get from my friends and the timeline and the geography challenge!:D
  4. Study for math test.'
Oh how regretful I am.:]
The only ones I finished was 1, without the coloring and I haven't gotten water's color code; reading response crap with the reading record and bookmark; studying for math test, and last but not least, the social studies questions....:]
My lesson: Never ever procrastinate with a lot of homework on four-day weekends.

So iunno what should I do, get help from friends?D:


Kuroi Hime♫ said...

Wendy needs to stop procrastinating!
-procrastinator myself-

Ame Hime♫ said...

Doesn't that make you a hypocrite then?O: